Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add the Shootproof photo app to my iPhone home screen?2023-11-16T19:16:09+00:00
  • 1
    Tap the download app link and ensure it opens in the Safari browser; if it opens within the Gmail app, this method will not work.
  • 2
    If it opens in your mail app, tap the Safari logo at the bottom right of your screen (the logo resembling a compass).
  • 3
    Once in Safari, at the bottom of the screen, locate a box with an upward-pointing arrow and tap it.
  • 4
    From the options, choose ‘Add To Home Screen.’
  • 5
    Provide a name for your app.
  • 6
    Tap ‘Add,’ and you’re done!
  • 7
    If unsuccessful, confirm you are in the standalone Safari browser and not in private mode.
How do I download Shootproof photos to my iPhone?2023-11-16T19:22:41+00:00
  • 1
    Open the gallery and log in with your email address.
  • 2
    Check the ‘Agree to terms’ box.
  • 3
    Open your desired photo and tap the download link at the bottom right corner.
  • 4
    Choose the preferred file size for download.
  • 5
    Tap ‘download’ when prompted with ‘Do you want to download?’
  • 6
    Once downloaded, an arrow pointing down will appear next to the address bar, indicating it’s in the ‘Downloads’ folder. However, more steps are needed.
  • 7
    Tap the downward arrow and select the downloaded picture.
  • 8
    When viewing the photo, find a box with an upward-pointing arrow at the bottom left corner and tap it.
  • 9
    Tap ‘Save Image,’ and you’re done!
  • 10
    If this process fails, ensure you are in the standalone Safari browser and not in private mode.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Downloading all photos at once on your iPhone is not possible; you’ll need to do it one by one. For a bulk download, use a computer.

What is a San Diego Mini Session?2023-11-16T19:39:31+00:00

A San Diego Mini Session is a quick and budget-friendly photography session designed for capturing precious family moments without the stress. It lasts for 20 minutes, providing a convenient way to get beautiful photos without a lengthy commitment.

Why choose a 20-minute mini session?2023-11-16T19:39:41+00:00

The magic often unfolds at the beginning of a photo session, and 20 minutes is all it takes to capture beautiful moments. It’s a simple, effortless, and time-efficient option for those seeking quality photos without a prolonged session.

Can I use mini sessions to test the waters with the photographer?2023-11-16T19:38:45+00:00

Absolutely! Mini sessions are a great opportunity to experience the photographer’s style and decide if you’d like to explore longer sessions in the future. It’s a chance to see if the photographer is the right fit for you.

How many people can participate in a mini session?2023-11-16T19:41:00+00:00

Each mini session accommodates a maximum of 6 people, making it ideal for families or small groups.

What’s included in the mini session package?2023-11-16T19:41:43+00:00

The 20-minute session includes 10 professionally edited digital photos. Additional digital photos are available for purchase, and print options can be added at an extra cost.

How are photos delivered?2023-11-16T19:43:53+00:00

Photos will be provided through an online gallery, allowing you to download the images you desire. You retain all photo printing rights.

How do I secure a spot for a mini session?2023-11-16T19:45:59+00:00

To secure your session, fill out the waitlist form, indicating your preferred date, time, and location.

You can also check the Mini Session page for current sessions. Sessions are first come, first served. If a time slot is no longer listed, it means it has been purchased.

Are there specific locations for mini sessions?2023-11-16T19:46:56+00:00

Yes, there are carefully selected locations, including Balboa Park, Marian Bear Park, Presidio Park, La Playa Trail, Liberty Station, Coronado Dunes, Eucalyptus Grove, Mission Beach Jetty, and Waterfront Park. If you would like a location added to my list just let me know.

What should I wear for the mini session?2023-11-16T19:48:12+00:00

Don’t stress about attire! Explore suggestions here, and feel free to reach out for tailored advice based on your location and the season.

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