Extended Family &
Family Reunion Sessions

Gathering the extended family for a photoshoot is like capturing a moment in time that’s as fleeting as it is precious. In the hustle of coordinating schedules and the excitement of seeing everyone in one place, especially against the vibrant backdrop of San Diego, it’s easy to overlook the importance of preserving these moments. But, think about it—how often do you get to freeze those full-belly laughs, the impromptu group hugs, and the candid snapshots of life’s joy in a frame? A family reunion photoshoot isn’t just about taking pictures; it’s about creating a legacy of memories that, years down the line, will bring back the warmth and love of those shared moments with just a glance. It’s less about formality and more about capturing the essence of your family’s bond, making every snapshot a treasure trove of shared stories and laughter.



  • Each session is up to 1 hour
  • You will receive 20 professionally edited digital photos
  • Photos will be provided through an online gallery (you retain all photo printing rights).
  • Maximum of 15 people. – If you have a larger group please contact me for pricing.
  • Be sure to review the Terms and Conditions before making your payment in full.


Feeling a bit unsure about what to wear? First and foremost, there’s no need to stress. I’ve already curated a selection of style ideas to assist you – you can explore them here. And, of course, feel free to reach out to me for tailored recommendations that suit your location and the season. I’m here to guide you in the right direction and ensure you have an enjoyable experience!