Holiday Mini Session

My all time favorite photo spot was recently TORN DOWN at the end of Sunset Cliffs in the beautiful eucalyptus trees (at Ladera in Point Loma). I’ve been so sad since it was one of my “go-to” spots. So I had to go on the hunt for a replacement and I am happy to say that I have a fabulous hidden gem to tell everyone about…it’s not really hidden, just in a very very random place. If you park on campus at UCSD there is a massive amount of super tall eucalyptus trees, this specific spot is called eucalyptus grove. It’s definitely worth the effort to check it out. I can imagine hanging from a hammock in these trees on a gorgeous sunny day, oh but wait… I have kids. That will never happen or at least it would be a rarity. Speaking of my kids, I met this family through my sons school. The beautiful woman in these photos was his kindergarten teacher and the other equally beautiful people are her family.

Along with family photos we also snuck in a few mother and daughter photos for her daughters upcoming MAPCAPS show. MADCAPS is a great organization for  7th – 12th graders. MADCAPS stands for ‘Mothers and Daughters Club Assisting Philanthropies’ and is for you guessed it, mothers and daughters only. I felt special taking these photos for them because I was also a MADCAP when I was younger.  MADCAPS really taught me a lot (yet I probably didn’t know it at the time) and definitely was a ton of fun. Through this organization I really felt like I was able to help others. I specifically remember going often to help kids with down syndrome. We had one day out of the classroom and took them to the bay to play in the sand. The smiles on those kids faces were just amazing. If you are able to sign up your kids for an activity that teaches them how to help others AND the importance of helping others, you will not regret it. They will not regret it. I know I don’t regret it.  If you want to learn more about MADCAPS and who they help, here is the link – Click Here.