Holiday Mini Session

Who wants to put on their matching PJ’s and jump around the bay?……..Anyone? Anyone? Well guess who does? The McKillop family, that’s who! It feels good to take these kind of fun photos to break up the seriousness of Christmas and everything that’s going on in the world today. Definitely a fun family right here.  But if you feel like you need to be a little more on the serious side – check out their more formal photoshoot on this link here.

But if you feel the need this season to dive a little deeper into finding that happiness and fun side that you know wants to come out and play but you just don’t know why you hold it inside…this book I just finished reading might help. It’s all about finding the creative side of yourself and not being afraid of it. And the importance of not passing up your opportunities that will bring out that creativity or else they might transplant into someone else and you may miss your chance. The book is called BIG MAGIC by Elizabeth Gilbert (same author of Eat, Love, Pray). And of course I have to share a few of my favorite quotes from the book because it’s just that good.

“Be the weirdo who dares to enjoy.”

“Creativity is a path for the brave, yes, but it is not a path for the fearless, and it’s important to recognize the distinction. Bravery means doing something scary. Fearlessness means not even understanding what the word scary means.”

“Through the mere act of creating something—anything—you might inadvertently produce work that is magnificent, eternal, or important.”

“If you’re alive, you’re a creative person.”

“You do not need anybody’s permission to live a creative life.”

“Your own reasons to create are reason enough. Merely by pursuing what you love, you may inadvertently end up helping us plenty.”

Do your best to have fun in everything you do, it will change your way of thinking and it might just change someone else’s day too. Snowball effect! Merry Christmas!