Holiday Mini Session

You really cannot go wrong with any location in San Diego for a beautiful backdrop for photos…but I just love love love Kelloggs!

I grew up going to this bay and remember running around the sand with my best friend collecting shells and pretending to be mermaids. I’m pretty sure we were convinced the gold flecked sand was real gold, and not just real gold but ‘mermaid gold’. Ah, those were the days when we had not a care in the world. Wouldn’t it be crazy to go back to that for just one day? What would you do? Where would you go? Who would you be with? I can really only relive those memories through my kids. In fact, that’s really one reason I think I have always loved photography. Something about capturing a single moment in time so you never forget is just so special to me.

When I was little, all I ever wanted to do on a weekend was lay on the couch and watch “re-runs” of our home videos. My dad growing up always had to have the latest technology when it came out and ALWAYS had the video camera rolling. If you follow me on my personal instagram you might have recently seen my home video (circa 1987) of when Santa came to visit on Christmas Eve while we were sleeping. Waking up that next morning to to watch the video I was just mesmerized (I was 5). The video was of our elf on the shelf tricking my kids into watching it on our super old school VHS player. They were mesmerized, and it just took me back…full circle for sure. If you feel like following along you are more than welcome but be warned it’s mostly iphone photos of my kids (the “real life” pictures) or follow my other account for the pro pictures.

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Anywho, back to Kellogg’s Beach with this super fun family. This family gave me a little glimpse of my childhood because they are all about having fun. This is part one of what I like to call the “typical” family photo shoot (ain’t nothin’ wrong with being typical at all). So stay tuned real soon for their part two “all about fun on Christmas” photo shoot.

Also, if you know of Kellogg’s Beach and you have your own special memories – please follow along on the SAVE KELLOGG’S BEACH facebook page to find out the latest news relating to a potential multi-family development that will threaten the area. Click here to learn more!