Holiday Mini Session

This was my first time taking photos at the Desert Garden in Balboa Park (right next to the Rose Garden). I immediately became obsessed. If my backyard could only look like this magical oasis then I would be in heaven.

Then, insert the most photogenic couple in the world and their two cute pug pups and suddenly my job is made so easy.  I had lots of fun with this couple scoping out the area and they were more than cooperative to climb in random places or stand in the middle of a bush. Anything to get the shot, right?

If you go there, just watch out for cactus everywhere. I would imagine it would be a tough location for a family shoot if your young kids like to roam freely.

And can we talk about these pups? They both have boys names but they are girls, because they thought they were boys when they named them. Hearing this kinda of stuff just makes my day, so I had to share that super random funny fact about this family.

If anyone else is up for doing a photoshoot here, I am ALL IN.  LOVE LOVE LOVE this place.