Beach and Bay Photographer

San Diego, California

I love photographing kids…especially a group of kids that all know each other. This family was pumped with energy, which made my job easy. It’s so fun to capture personality in a photo. To me, those are the memories I love to keep for my own kids.

And for this location, I LOVE Mission Beach for it’s wide open sandy beach. There is so much room to run around and play. And a ton of fun activities to do over at Belmont Park too.

When I was younger I will never forget staying at a family beach house in Mission Beach. Walking back in from the sun and sand for a break, and then right back out again with no questions asked. BEST TIME EVER. I’ll also never forget that week on the beach because my older cousin and her friends thought it would be funny to launch water balloons from the roof at people laying on the beach minding their own business. WORST IDEA EVER because the cops showed up. Whoops! Hold on to those innocent little kiddos while they stay innocent. Haha!